27(1) - 2015

Quand la traduction de la littérature de jeunesse change de lecteur cible : une problématique traductologique contemporaine

Bahareh Ghanadzadeh Yazdi


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The purpose of this paper is to examine what happens when the reader of children’s literature changes in translation and how important translation strategies become. First, we will examine children’s literature in the source context, identifying characteristics of the original cultural linguistic text. Secondly, we will compare the translation of children’s literature to the translation of adult literature. Through this comparison, we will see how differently one translates when one has a different reader in mind and how different translation strategies are involved. Finally, we will analyze the switch in target reader from children to adults using Enid Blyton’s The Mystery Series – which was translated into Persian by the author of this paper – as a case study.


Children literature, textual models, translation strategies, ambivalent status of texts, translation for children and adults

27 avril 2015
  27(1) - 2015