27(1) - 2015

Translating live for international sport events: The case of the Dakar Rally

María Estalayo


The translation of sport events has so far received little attention in translation literature. This paper analyses a specific translation assignment within this field. Based on her professional experience as freelance translator, the author describes the translation of the “live” written coverage provided for the official Website of the Dakar Rally, an important international sport event followed by millions of readers on the Internet. The case study is an example of news translation carried out by professional freelance translators.

First, the general context of news translation is set. Second, the process and context of the “live” translation is described. Parallelisms and differences with news translation in general as described by authors such as Bielsa and Bassnett (2009) are drawn. Some of the main challenges of this specific translation task such as time pressure, translating without any visual support of the race or without the safety net of a reviser/editor are identified and the way they are addressed is analyzed. Finally, some concrete examples of translations from French into Spanish are provided.


Translation, sports, news translation, live translation, Web translation

27 avril 2015
  27(1) - 2015