27(1) - 2015

Une traduction « accessible » du roman Le rouge et le noir

Anca Brăescu (Chetrariu)


In the 2000s, some Romanian publishers are faced with the phenomenon of newspaper companies that created overnight their own publishing houses. Such publishing houses (“Jurnalul Naţional”, “Cotidianul”, “Adevărul Holding”), driven by purely commercial considerations, suggested retranslations of classical universal literature at very low prices. Although in principle there are “competent translators”, the short time, the reduced remuneration, the conditions imposed by the publisher are all factors that create a difficult context for the realization of the translation. In this work, we analyze these translations, taking as example the Romanian version of the novel Le rouge et le noir, realized in 2009 and published at Adevărul Holding (owned by the eponymous media company) in the collection “A hundred essential works”, whose author is Doru Mareş. The focus of our analysis is the reader, assimilated as part of this editorial project to the “general public” (in the quantitative and qualitative sense).


Editorial policy, Romanian translation, “general public”, reception

27 avril 2015
  27(1) - 2015