30(1) - 2018

Terminologische Datenbanken als Verstehens- und Formulierungshilfe beim Übersetzen von Rechtstexten

Ingrid Simonnæs


Terminological databases as a means of comprehension and formulation in the translation process of legal texts


The present article discusses the challenges in constructing a legal terminological database (LTDB) on the basis of Norsk-Tysk juridisk ordbok (Norwegian-German legal dictionary, Simonnæs, 1994). As each legal system is deeply rooted in its particular culture, their differences (and similarities) must be taken into consideration and identified. The article describes some aspects of the ongoing project in the making of such a multilingual database in the framework of the Norwegian terminology portal Termportalen (http://www.terminologi.no/termbase_NOJU.xhtml). The author argues in favour of an onomasiological approach which presupposes a comprehensive knowledge of the concept systems in the two legal systems under scrutiny. Some problematic examples are presented and discussed critically with regard to the amount of necessary information and how to present possible differences due to the lack of similarity in the two legal systems. The ultimate aim of the LTDB is to provide translators with terms and phraseological units to comprehend the source text and subsequently to produce adequate translations.


Lexicography, terminography, translation studies, legal texts

DOI 10.17462/para.2018.01.08

22 avril 2018
  30(1) - 2018