30(2) - 2018

Synonymy in the domain of migration: Sign of changing mentalities?

Elpida Loupaki



Synonymy in the domain of migration: Sign of changing mentalitiese?


The aim of this paper is to investigate the phenomenon of synonymy in the domain of migration terminology for the language pair English-Greek. Whereas traditional theory of terminology focuses on normalization and thus discourages the existence of synonymous terms, more recent studies using a socio-terminological perspective have demonstrated the presence and even the importance, at cognitive level, of different denominations for the same concept. This paper tries to explore another perspective of synonymy: by analyzing, both manually and automatically, a corpus of texts related to migration we examine the social and translational factors behind the proliferation of some synonyms and question whether their existence could be related with a change in mentalities to such a sensitive issue as migration.


Migration terminology, synonymy, IATE project, corpus analysis, terminology management

DOI 10.17462/para.2018.02.02