26 - 2014

Le pacte du traducteur : réflexions autour du concept de l’altérité solidaire

Mathilde Fontanet


The aim of this article is to show that subjectivity is a key element for the translator to exploit. Subjectivity helps the translator to explore the depths of the original text and to render it with greater sensitivity in the second language. The concept of “interdependent alterity” will be introduced, as a means of deflating obsessions with equivalence. Alterity as a concept is premised on the fundamental difference between original and translation, and aims to legitimate – or rehabilitate – a phase of subjectivity both in the translation process and in the evaluation of translations.


Translator’s pact, status of the translated text, translation hermeneutics, translation process, translator’s creativity, translation of Moby Dick

December 9, 2014
  26 - 2014