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  • 13 days avg. from submission to first decision
  • 81 days avg. from submission to first post-review decision
  • 15 days avg. from acceptance to online publication
  • 17% acceptance rate



Submitted manuscripts are processed on an ongoing basis. After an initial quality control by the Parallèles team, manuscripts that fail to meet the journal's basic quality standards are desk rejected. Those found suitable for further consideration are sent for peer review. All submission of manuscripts and peer review is via OJS.  Articles ready for publication are immediately released online. The publishing deadline for non-thematic issues is April 30 and October 30, respectively. Such issues build gradually as articles are added to the contents list throughout the year until the issue is closed at the end of April or October. It is then published and the next issue begun.

Parallèles does not accept multiple simultaneous submissions. If you have a manuscript under review or production in our journal, you cannot submit a second.



Proposals for thematic issues may be submitted any time via our online form, in either English or French. Thematic issues must follow the general editorial policy of the journal (see Checklist for authors). Guest Editors have the option of choosing the continuous publication model, allowing contributions to be published as soon as they are peer reviewed and approved by the Editorial Board. Please contact the Editors before submitting a proposal to check for available slots.

Thematic issues currently under preparation:

  • Issue 37:1 (2025): Sílvia Gabarró-López & Alan Cienki: Gesture in spoken-to-spoken and signed-to-spoken language interpreting

For previously published thematic issues see All Issues.