30(1) - 2018

Salvo und seine deutschen Entsprechungen. Eine kritische Auseinandersetzung mit dem Sprachgebrauch in italienischen, deutschen und Schweizer Rechtstexten und ihren Übersetzungen

Eva Wiesmann


Salvo and its German translations. A critical analysis of language usage in Italian, German and Swiss legal texts and their translations


One of the aims of this paper is to show that the Italian lexeme salvo cannot be correctly understood and adequately translated into German on the basis of a merely linguistic analysis of corpora of legal texts and their translations, but that a legal analysis is required. The purpose of this analysis is firstly to distinguish the various legal meanings of salvo and the legal meanings of its German equivalents, and secondly to establish the correlations between the different forms and meanings of salvo and the lexemes expressing the same meanings in German legal texts. The corpora that have been analysed are the Italian Civil Code and its two German translations done respectively for South Tyrol and Germany, the German Civil Code and its unofficial translation into Italian, and the German version of the Swiss Civil Code and its official translation into Italian. Another aim of this paper is to show some differences between language usage in German and Swiss legal texts and particularly to point out some problematic rendering of salvo in the above mentioned German translations of the Italian Civil Code.


Salvo, legal meanings, German equivalents, civil code analysis, translation

DOI 10.17462/para.2018.01.06

April 22, 2018
  30(1) - 2018