31(1) - 2019

Enjeux de la traduction française d’Un amore de Dino Buzzati. Une approche pragmatique

Floryne Joccallaz


Issues in the French translation of Dino Buzzati’s Un amore. A pragmatic approach


This article examines Dino Buzzati’s 1963 novel, Un Amore, and Michel Breitman’s French translation of the work, which came out a year later. In order to compare the French version with the Italian original, this study applies Lance Hewson’s model for translation criticism, which is based on the notion of divergence between source and target text. The analysis calls into question certain translation tendencies identified through Hewson’s critical framework, and evaluates the impact of translational choices on a francophone reader. It also reflects on the need for retranslation, in light of some significant differences between the two texts. The paper then explores the context in which the French translation, Un amour, was produced and received. It also looks at how interest in Buzzati’s work in France led to the rediscovery of the author’s writing in Italy, thereby demonstrating how a translation deemed to be inadequate through linguistic and interpretative analysis can be extremely influential.


Translation criticism, Italian literature, orality, reception

DOI 10.17462/para.2019.01.07