27(2) - 2015

Traduction et non-traduction en contexte publicitaire : analyse contrastive des marques et slogans de l’Oréal (France-Espagne)

Isabel Cómitre Narváez


Translation and non-translation in advertising context: A contrastive analysis of brand names and l’Oréal slogans (France-Spain)


This paper is about translation problems that may arise in the field of advertising and the way these problems should be dealt with. Since culture and local habits play a central role in this context, our aim is to reveal the particular strategies used to translate these kinds of messages. We also look at the issue of non-translation, which is a concept that is coming up frequently in the field of translation studies. What is non-translation? What forms does it take? In order to demonstrate the specificity of advertisement translation, we are basing this study on translation theories that explore this particular field. Finally, we present a comparative study on the translation and non-translation of slogans, catchphrases, products names, brand names and visuals on French and Spanish L’Oréal websites.


Translation, advertising, comparative analysis, L’Oréal websites, French-Spanish

October 18, 2015
  27(2) - 2015