32(1) - 2020

La littérature francophone belge en traduction : méthodes, pratiques et histoire

Catherine Gravet & Katrien Lievois (rédactrices invitées)

Belgian francophone literature in translation: methods, practice, history

After demonstrating the legitimacy of studying Belgian French-speaking literature independently of French literature because it constitutes a coherent and autonomous corpus as many critics or historiographers have already argued, we consider it from the perspective of Translation Studies. Whether the translated French-speaking Belgian authors are canonized or not, they have been introduced into a wide variety of languages and cultures, depending on the period, context and literary genres in particular. A translator’s interest in those authors is sometimes personal, even emotional, and sometimes commercial, or even strategic from an editorial point of view. We discuss the methodological approaches that can be applied to this corpus, taking into account different theories, such as those of Even-Zohar, Heilbron and Sapiro, Casanova, Pym, Barré, Gouanvic, Latour, Venuti, Lotbinière-Harwood... Our objective is to show how vast and interesting the project is.

Belgian francophone literature, translation, history of translation, translation studies, Belgium

DOI 10.17462/para.2020.01.01

24 avril 2020
  32(1) - 2020