32(1) - 2020

Parcours grecs de deux écrivains populaires belges : Georges Simenon et Stanislas-André Steeman

Titika Dimitroulia & Loïc Marcou

The Greek fate of two popular Belgian writers: Georges Simenon and Stanislas-Andre Steeman

This article aims at analyzing the diffusion in Greece of two important French-speaking Belgian writers of crime fiction, Georges Simenon and Stanislas-André Steeman, through translation. It examines their position in the Modern Greek literary field, according to the sociological model of Pierre Bourdieu as used in the sociology of translation. It focuses on the position of the language, the authors and the translation agents in the target field, taking into account the respective position of the authors in the source and international fields, their relation to the genre and its diverse reception during the 20th century. The article provides information on their translated works published in magazines, newspapers and books, since the 30s’ until nowadays, and also some data concerning their film adaptations. It tries to understand their different fate in the Modern Greek field, by studying the modalities of their reception in their source field and internationally, on the one hand, and their interaction with the emerging Greek crime fiction on the other. In this respect, it analyses the authors-translators’ positions and strategies and the cultural transfers in the target culture.

French-speaking crime fiction, reception, retranslation, Georges Simenon, Stanislas-André Steeman

DOI 10.17462/para.2020.01.07

24 avril 2020
  32(1) - 2020