27(1) - 2015

Pratique réflexive sur la traduction collaborative en ligne en Turquie : 100% user-made translation

Emine Bogenç Demirel et Zeynep Görgüler


Along with the process of globalization, the development and proliferation of technological infrastructure and communication tools have transformed the direction of society. In particular, the use of internet-based media and communication technology in the 21st century have created a network society. The mass movements created by this society have reinvented the practice of translation. It is therefore increasingly important to reflect on the role of technology in the field of translation. This study focuses on translation-centered social media communities in Turkey, using new theoretical concepts such as amateur/voluntary translation/translators, participative/collaborative/mass translation movements and user-made translation. This paper will question how social evolution resulting from new media and communication technology has influenced both the practice of translation and the ethical and deontological perception of the translator.


Sociology of translation, collaborative/participative translation, amateur/voluntary translator, virtual community, Turkey

27 avril 2015
  27(1) - 2015