31(1) - 2019

Petit traité de titrologie traductologique

Muguraş Constantinescu


Short Treatise on Titling in Translation Studies


This article provides a brief overview of Lance Hewson’s writings in translation studies. It first examines the art of titling, as demonstrated by this atypical translation scholar, whose titles are at once surprising, playful, intertextual and engaging. It then explores the issues in translation studies that are of particular interest to Hewson, including the core of translation studies, creativity and subjectivity in translation, and translation criticism, highlighting the originality of Hewson’s contributions to the field. The article concludes that Lance Hewson is a “field-grown translation studies scholar and critic”, whose writings display his creativity. With ingenuity and audacity, he has succeeded in rendering translation studies more pliable, refined and lively, shielding it from becoming a theoretical construction that has lost touch with the actual practice of translation – in large part thanks to his colourful titles.


Titles, translation studies, creativity, subjectivity, criticism

DOI 10.17462/para.2019.01.02