30(1) - 2018

Kollaborative und kooperative Terminologiearbeit im Bereich Recht. Die Funktion der Rechtsfachleute

Elena Chiocchetti & Tanja Wissik


Collaborative and cooperative terminology work in the domain of law. The role of the domain expert


High quality terminology work generally requires the input, consultancy, and revision of native speaker domain experts. In this paper we describe the role and tasks of domain experts within the terminology workflow, with particular focus on multilingual terminology work in the domain of law. Based on interviews conducted in 2011-2012 with 17 terminology centres of all sizes in Europe and beyond, in this domain the cooperation and collaboration with experts resulted to be essential and particularly challenging. The results of the interviews allow us to discuss the main difficulties, needs, and desires expressed by terminology managers and terminologists concerning their relationship with domain experts during their daily activities. Finally, we give a list of recommendations concerning how, when, to what extent, and through which means domain experts should be involved in the terminology workflow to optimise cooperation or – even better – collaboration with terminologists in order to enhance the quality of the end product.


Terminology work, collaboration, cooperation, domain experts, legal experts

DOI 10.17462/para.2018.01.09

April 22, 2018
  30(1) - 2018