28(1) - 2016

La littérature francophone en traduction : méthodes, pratiques et histoire

Katrien Lievois and Elisabeth Bladh (Guest Editors)


Francophone literature in translation: methods, practice, history


This paper gives an overview of the field of translation of Francophone literature, that is, literature in French from outside of metropolitan France. Whereas it is not uncommon to consider Francophone writers as “translators” in a metaphorical sense, we are here only concerned with the literal meaning of the word “translation”. We mainly discuss approaches from postcolonial studies, multilingualism and the sociology of translation (translation flows and agents) and how the reception of this literature in the target culture is negotiated through paratextual and epitextual elements. Many studies have focused on English as target language. However, in order to better account for translation flows, we encourage future research on translations into German and Russian, as translations in other languages tend to follow. We would also like to stress the importance of studying intranslations in Francophone settings. Even though most translations into French are published in France, it is vital to learn more about the aspects of Francophone literature as a “receiving literature”.


Francophone literature, postcolonial approach, sociology of translation, paratext

DOI 10.17462/para.2016.01.01

April 20, 2016
  28(1) - 2016