28(1) - 2016

Médiation n’est pas que traduction. Réflexions autour de la réception de la littérature de langue française en traduction dans la presse suédoise et roumaine

Mickaëlle Cedergren and Simona Modreanu


Mediation is more than translation. A study on the reception of translations of French language literature in the Swedish and Romanian press


The transnational circulation of a work is largely dependent on existing translations and the role of the press in its dissemination. This article aims to establish the relationship between these two factors and to define the mediator’s position, by examining the reception of translations of French-language literarature in Swedish and Romanian newspapers between 2010 and 2014. Basing itself on the models developed by Sapiro (2007) and Casanova (2002), this study identifies three discourse types: autonomous, heteronomous and hybrid. The first focuses on the international field and overconsecrates the Metropolitan French writers; the second features the development of a heterodoxical, subversive voice; and the third is a hybrid, both nationally- and globally-oriented. Through this study, we observe that there tends to be a shift in theoretical classifications.


sociology of translation, mediation, reception in the press, French-language literature, Sweden, Romania

DOI 10.17462/para.2016.01.05

April 20, 2016
  28(1) - 2016