27(2) - 2015

Créativité, création et recréation en traduction : un flou conceptuel

Mickaël Mariaule


Creativity, creation and recreation in translation. A conceptual vagueness.


While creation and creativity no longer appear to be dirty words in Translation Studies, it must be acknowledged that these two notions are yet to be discussed in any great depth in the context of literary translation. The main reason for this is probably that creativity seems difficult to grasp rationally and therefore to conceptualise. Hence, the terminology used in the few articles available today is quite unclear and deserves to be clarified. That’s exactly what this article aims to do, by linking theoretical reflections and translation practice together with examples taken from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Harry Potter and their French translations.


Creation, creativity, limits of literary translation

October 18, 2015
  27(2) - 2015