28(2) - 2016

Cuestiones de identidad. Estudio teórico sobre el papel del intérprete judicial en contextos de violencia de género

Marta Lucero García


Questions of identity. Theoretical study on the role of the court interpreter in gender based violence contexts


The definition of identity in translation and interpreting studies is still very problematic, especially in the legal and court fields. Answering different questions related to this concept, we aim to go beyond the traditional consideration of the interpreter as an invisible being, and come to a more dynamic definition which would take into account various elements such as the context or the participants in the communicative event. In this sense, the professional should become aware of the many factors that converge in gender based violence proceedings, both those arising specifically from the court field as well as those characteristic of gender based violence contexts. Furthermore, if the interpreter fails to manage adequately the speakers’ identities, as well as his/her own, difficulties will arise in the communication, which in turn will inevitably pose barriers to the ultimate goal of criminal proceedings: doing justice.


Identity, court interpreting, gender based violence

DOI 10.17462/para.2016.02.07

October 18, 2016
  28(2) - 2016